If you want to rent a storage unit after our normal business hours call us on our emergency number at (910)610-3465 and leave a message.
Someone from our office is always on call and can rent you a unit. Many times we can rent you a unit over the phone.

If you call the emergency line, you will probably get the voicemail. Please leave a message and someone will call you right back. We don't always answer the phone because as you can imagine we get a lot of calls that are not for storage rental or storage emergency. But if you leave a message saying that you want to rent a unit or that you are an existing customer having problems at the facility, someone will call you right back.

If you are an existing storage customer and are having problems at our facility after hours then call the emergency number for help. If you can't get in the gate, be sure that you have paid your account. Our computer system will disable your access if you have an account balance. If you know that the account is not paid then have your credit card ready when you call the emergency line and we can manually take payment over the phone and activate your gate access.

If you are set up for online payments, then you can view your account online and make your payment. However, you will still have to call the emergency line for immediate gate access. Otherwise, gate access will be enabled on the next regular business day.

If we cannot solve the problem over the phone someone will come out to the facility and solve the problem.