Our Storage Facilities provide 24 hour access. We have electronic gate systems that allow you to open the gate with a personal code or computer chip card.

The facility has six feet high fencing and barbed wire around the perimeter. The complex has bright security lighting that is on during the night. Our facility is also in a great location.

Our customers can come and go as they please. Each customer must place their own lock on their storage unit. We ask that you use a good lock that is not easily removed without a key. Although we are striving to provide a safe place to store your possesions we also ask that you help us keep your things safe by using a good lock on your unit. We sell the round locks that can't be easily cut off but you can also purchase them elsewhere. Be sure to ask us about locks.

Our storage customers can get in touch with us after hours if they have problems. A member of our staff is always on call. There is an emergency number on our After Hours Page.